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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

22 September 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for your email this week. This morning I was making eggs and I noticed that one of the eggs was quite a bit bigger than the rest. Naturally I chose to use it. When I cracked it open into the pan, two yokes came out! It blew my mind! No wonder it was so big, they were twins! So the movie we made last week is in response to some other movies that were made here in the past. I'll try and figure out a way so I can send them to you, they're too big to send in an email. So I'll try and figure out a way so you can see it. The countdown for Elder Roberts is in the single digits, I don't know exactly how many but it's under 10. Crazy huh?

Rachel! Gëzuar Ditëlindjen! Happy Birthday. I hope that you had a great birthday this week. It sounds like you had a fun time at your party! I hope you like all the One Direction stuff you got. There's a member here in Prishtina and he LOVES One Direction. He's such an awesome member. How did you like the Sisters coming over on your birthday? I know that I really liked it when the Elders came over on my birthday a couple times. Adam Levine dyed his hair blonde? Gross. I can't imagine him having any hair color other than black.

Mom, gëzuar ditëlindjen! Happy Birthday! I hope that you have a great day on Wednesday! I won't be able to talk to you on Wednesday, but you can know that I'll be thinking about and praying for you. 

Dad, that patch looks awesome! {Preliminary design of the patch for the 2015 LDS Boy Scout Encampment that will be held in MN.} I hope all the planning for that activity is going smoothly. Will you be going to the Little Philmont activity, or are you just planning out the food and then someone else will take over for the actual activity? {Stake Boy Scout leader training; and yes, Dad is attending.}

So this week I had to give a talk in sacrament meeting. It was my first time giving a talk in sacrament meeting as a missionary. I don't know how I was able to avoid it this long! I've had to give a couple testimonies, but never a full talk in church. In such a small branch like Prishtina, everyone gives talks pretty regularly so I'll probably get the chance to speak in church again soon. It kinda' threw me off at the beginning because we had about 30 people in church this last Sunday, which is about average for Prishtina, but it's a lot smaller than I was used to. All in all, I think it went well. I hope that people understood what I was saying and the message I was trying to get across. I spoke about faith and how it's a principle of belief and action.

So we've been having a hard time with Hazir since his baptism. After he was confirmed, he told us that he and his family had planned to go on a vacation out of Kosovo for a month. So he was supposed to get back into Prishtina in the beginning of September. So we called him, but we couldn't get a hold of him. We tried that with him for a couple weeks with the same result. We couldn't get a hold of him. This week, in one of our daily planning sessions Elder Roberts decided to just give him a call. He answered! We were able to set up a meeting with him, and we had a great lesson about the Priesthood. He explained his situation. He told us that after he got back from his vacation, his work had taken him out of Kosovo in Albania and Macedonia, so he couldn't answer his phone internationally. When we met with him, he told us that the next morning he would be leaving for Serbia for a couple days for another job. Some people would say that we caught him at a lucky time, but I believe differently. I believe that it was the Spirit guiding us so that we could meet with Hazir, and that we could learn that he is still solid in his testimony and he is willing to accept a calling in the church. I truly believe that the Spirit prompted us to call Hazir. I know that as we rely on the Spirit, we will be directed in doing his work. I know that if we are humble and willing to listen, God will give us the direction and answers we are seeking through the Power of the Holy Ghost (See Moroni 10:5).

Thank you for the love and support that you give to me. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts! I know that the Lord will bless you as you continue to follow His example! Javë të mbarë. Zoti ju bekoftë. Gëzuar ditëlindjen prap!

Love, Elder Uacën

Photos this week courtesy of Sister White.
Another "Ask us what we do" finding activity.
Sister White, Elder Watson, Sister Curtis
The Sisters with the Jashari family, who were baptized on August 9th.

                             ???  Elders Clawson and Price
???  Nice jacket Elder Clawson!

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