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Thursday, August 27, 2015

24 August 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for writing to me every week. I really enjoy hearing about what's going back home. That's crazy that you've been having so many storms. That's cool that the ward had a daddy-daughter camp out. I always enjoyed the father-son camp outs when I was younger, so I'm glad that they had a great time. Oh man, hopefully we're still Icelandic. Even if the DNA test results say otherwise, I'm still going to be Icelandic. Woah, it's time for the MN State Fair already? Wow. Hey, I noticed that I've never been to the State Fair. If I have I was super little {He was!}, so it's like saying how I've been to Disney World. {Mom was pregnant with him the last time the family went to Disney.} Now I've noticed that you've gone last year {It was actually two years ago when he was at BYU.} and plan to go this year. Did you not want to take me? Were you afraid that I'd embarrass you? Haha, I'm just kidding, I thought that it was a funny connection. Rachel, I heard this one guy quote Benjamin Franklin once when he said, "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." So do you want to be healthy? Do you want to be wealthy? Do you want to be wise? Then you know what you must do. So I guess the opposite of this would be, "Late to bed and late to rise makes a man sickly, poor, and stupid."

So this week was pretty good for Elder Cani and I. We were blessed to be able to teach many lessons this last week. We're working with a couple different people. It's kinda hard working in Gjakova because people are very Muslim, and if they aren't Muslim they're very Catholic. So it's hard to get people to be interested to meet again. However I love serving in Gjakova. I honestly love coming to Church and seeing the members. Because the Church has only been in Gjakova for about two years, and it's been a branch for only one, every time we go to Church I can just envision more the early saints of this dispensation. It has really opened my eyes and given me a better perspective. Really the only difference is the year isn't 1831 it's 2015, but the same challenges and problems that the early saints faced are being faced by the members of this branch. It's difficult for them at times, like it was for the early saints, but I know that wonderful, great blessings are awaiting them from their Father in Heaven. I really love serving here in Gjakova, I've learned so much here. Over the course of my mission I've really come to love the restoration of the Church. It's the thing that I talk about the most with people, but I've really come to love all of the sacrifices and troubles that the early saints suffered in the past to give us what we have today. I'm especially thankful for the Prophet Joseph Smith. I can't wait to meet him after this life! He's done so much to help us understand and come closer to Christ. He's given us so much to have a clear and better understanding of the doctrines of Christ's Church. He's given us so much, and I'm very grateful for him. Now, don't think that I'm glorifying or shouting praises to Joseph Smith, I just have so much love and respect for him because he clarified the way so that we can know Christ. And Christ is the focus of it all! Nothing can or will ever superceed the Atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. There is no possible way to express my feelings accurately for Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World. Without Him we would all be lost. Let us learn more about His life, characteristics, and attributes in order to come closer to Him. I know that as we come closer to the Savior, we see His Hand in our lives even more. We see, and receive, many blessings from Him. I know that as we learn more about Him, we will learn more about those things that we must do to come closer to Him and to receive Eternal Life, or the greatest gift that God can give to us. But it requires our action. It requires work on our end.

Thank you all so much for the love and the support that you give to me! I really appreciate it! Ju dua shumë. Kalofshi bukur! Javë të mbarë.

Me dashuri,

Elder Watson

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