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Monday, February 8, 2016

8 February 2016

And it came to pass that in the second year of the reign of President Weidmann, I, Elder Watson, being stricken with many transfers, saw that I must soon go down to Nënë Tereza Airport. Therefore I make an end of speaking. Amen.


Elder Watson joys in the growth of the Gospel--There is One fold and One Shepherd--God is no respecter of persons.

ELDER Watson, servant of the Lord Jesus, to all the saints of God which are in Minnesota.
2 Grace be unto you, and may the peace of the Lord be upon you.
3 I thank the Lord for mine association with thee.
4 For behold, my soul rejoiceth in the testimony of mine brethren. I glory in the Lord that thou art still in the path of righteousness.
5 Mine heart swelleth near to bursting with joy for the growth of the Gospel among you
6 I, also, glory in my God for the success He has granted unto the Albanians. For, behold, marvelous are the works of the Lord, yea, magnificent are His actions.
7 For through His Holy Spirit, many have been brought to a knowledge of the truth, and many of His lost sheep hath returned to His fold.
8 For thus saith the Lord: there shall be one fold and one shepherd.
9 Verily, verily I say unto thee that this is true, and I know of this for myself, for I have seen that the blessings of the Lord are unto all His children that obey His word, whether he be Albanian, Kosovar, Jew, or Gentile.
10 And thus we see that God is no respecter of persons, and His mighty hand is extended to all that will reach for it.


Elder Watson recounts lessons he has learned on his mission--We must serve the Lord all of our days--Pride leads to the downfall of people--Emulate the Savior’s example--Jesus Christ is the only road to salvation.

THEREFORE I would tell thee somewhat concerning my sojourn in a foreign land, yea, I would show unto thee that the tender mercies of the Lord are upon all those who obey His commandments. 2 And now my beloved brethren and sisters, I salute thee with an holy salutation for my joy is full due to thy righteousness and diligence in the service of Him who is mighty to save.
3 My soul rejoiceth in obedience. Yea, for as we are faithful in keeping the commandments of the Lord verily He doth pour out blessings upon our heads.
4 Yea, I would that ye should remember the words of King Benjamin that even if we were to serve Him all the days of our lives we would still be unprofitable servants.
5 Verily, verily I say unto thee that I know these words to be true, we are never not indebted to that Supreme Being who has given us life and continues to bless us for our righteous acts.
6 Now behold, my beloved brethren, I would that we should never become complacent with well-doing.
7 If that great, merciful God blesses us for our righteous acts, and we being unprofitable servants, should we not show mercy unto our fellow brethren?
8 Verily, verily, I say unto thee, yea.
9 And now my beloved brethren and sisters, I would that ye should remember that pride availeth nothing.
10 Remember our brethren the Nephites, once a great, prosperous people of the Lord, now destroyed because of their pride and that they would not listen to the Lord their God.
11 And now, brethren and sisters, remember and perish not.
12 For hath now the prophet Alma taught us that if we are not stripped of our pride we are not able to endure the presence of God?
13 Verily, verily I say unto thee, yea, he hath.
14 Therefore, brethren and sisters, let us be more like our Savior in long-suffering, patience, and humility, so that we may endure the presence of God and live.
15 Now I would not that ye would think that I speak of myself as to boasting, for I am thine fellow servant in Christ. I esteem myself no more than any man, for I have many weaknesses that so easily beset me.
16 But, behold, I know in whom I have trusted. I have trusted in my Savior, who is Christ. For in Christ I know that all things are possible.
17 My beloved brethren and sisters, may we trust in our Savior, for without Him we could not return to our heavenly home.
18 And now, let us come unto Christ and be perfected in Him.


Scriptures are essential for our guidance--President Weidmann challenges the mission to read the entire Book of Mormon in one month--The way to gain personal revelation is set forth--Elder Watson exhorts all to read the Book of Mormon.

AND now, behold, I have somewhat still to speak unto thee of the mercies of our Eternal Father.
2 For were it not for the records which He has caused to be brought forth, and preserved by our fathers, we must need have wandered in darkness without the knowledge of our Father.
3 But, behold, in His loving mercy He has given us the records of the tribe of Judah and of the tribe of Joseph.
4 Now I would speak somewhat concerning this record of the tribe of Joseph.
5 For behold, thus came the commitment from President Weidmann unto me: Wilst thou read the records of the tribe of Joseph in its entirety within one month time?
6 And verily, verily, I answered unto him: yea.
7 As I read the record of the tribe of Joseph, behold, my soul was filled with great joy and peace. Yea, my spirit was swollen with happiness.
8 For behold, I know that the record of the tribe of Joseph is true.
9 I perceive that there are some among you that marvel at my speaking. But behold, man hath not revealed it unto me, but our Loving Father who rules in courts on High.
10 And it came to pass that as I received this knowledge, it was made known unto me again that all may know for themselves the truthfulness of this record.
11 Behold, all that the Father asks is that we read the record and ponder it in our hearts, and afterwards to ask Him in solemn prayer if it is true.
12 And behold if we ask with sincerity of heart, and having faith in Christ, and if we really intend to act according to the answer which we are to receive, behold He will make it manifest unto us.
13 For thus saith the scripture: And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things.
14 Behold my beloved brethren and sisters, I would exhort thee to read of that wonderful record, or rather the wonderful promises of the Lord which are contained on that record.
15 For if thou shalt ask, thou shalt receive.
16 And the Holy Ghost will enlarge thine understanding and will enlighten your minds.
17 And your soul will swell within thine breast, and thou shalt know, of a surety, of the reality of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of the Living God.
18 For behold, thus hath the Holy Ghost done for me.


Elder Watson testifies of the Atonement--President Weidmann challenges the mission to read the Book of Mormon again--Elder Watson bids farewell.

VERILY, verily, I say unto you that Christ is the only name given under heaven through which salvation cometh.
2 For behold, I know that Jesus is the Christ, and that only through His atoning sacrifice we may return to the presence of the Father.
3 And it came to pass that the commitment of President Weidmann came unto me again, saying:
4 Wilst thou read, again, the record of the tribe of Joseph in its entirety in one month time, however, this time I would that ye should mark all references to the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
5 And it came to pass that I said unto him, yea.
6 And now, my beloved brethren and sisters, I would that ye should know my joy for this challenge. For I know that through this, my testimony in the Savior will grow exceedingly.
7 And now, I would not that ye should be tired with my much speaking.
8 For behold the Lord hath not made me mighty in writing, or picture sending, like unto other missionaries, so I shall make and end to mine epistle.
9 Nevertheless, I trust to come unto thee shortly to commune with you face to face.
10 And now my beloved brethren and sisters, seeing that I must shortly go down to my missionary grave, I wish to speak unto you only a few words more.
11 And now I bid unto all, farewell. I soon go to rest in the paradise of God, until my name tag and white shirt shall again reunite, and I am brought forth triumphant through the air, to meet you before the luggage claim of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. Amen.

¶ The epistle to the Minnesotans was written from Prishtina, a city of Kosovo, near the border of Serbia.

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