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Adriatic South Mission
P.O. Box 2984
Bulevardi "Gjergj Fishta"
Qendra "ALPAS", Shkalla NR. 5,
Apartamenti NR. 14
Tirana 10000, Albania

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

14 December 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you so much for writing every week even when I don't have much time to write and explain what's going on. Today we planned more time to email, but then all of the computers were filled up with little kids playing video games online. I'm glad to hear that everything is going well. Rachel, that's awesome that you're having so many concerts and things like that for band and choir. I really enjoyed all of the concerts I had in school as well! That's too bad that there isn't any snow in MN right now! We went to Bondsteel, an American Military Base near Ferizaj, Kosovo, a couple weeks ago and they had a little snow. I nearly cried I was so happy. I went and made a snowball. I think the Major thought I was a little crazy, but I think he understood when I told him I was from Minnesota and hadn't seen snow in nearly 2 years. Everything is great! Ju dua shumë!

Love, Elder Watson

So just a little background about our Thanksgiving Skit: the Church has produced some videos linked with Preach My Gospel to help us learn how to be better missionaries. However, sometimes it's a little sappy because it's filmed like a reality TV Show. So in order to increase missionaries' desires to watch the District more, the Church released the District 3 and experimented with some different filming styles.

With these links, be sure to download them from Dropbox before you view them, they'll work better if you do.

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